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Alily Jewelry is an American jewelry purveyor which was founded by Lily herself. Alily Jewelry started out providing jewelry in New York that symbolized the important values and everyday passions within people's lives. 

 She struggled through the years and was went down a touch long, lonely road with only the support of her immediate family besides her. It was when Alily met three women that the company truly took flight.

The three women, Debbie, Jeanine and Tammy instantly clung to Anne's ideas and began working alongside her in crafting beautiful meaningful jewelry.

Since then,  we continue to have a hardworking team of mothers behind the scenes, collaborating and creating each special piece.

Alily Jewelry is jewelry for mothers by mothers


We provide jewelry that serves one purpose in mind - you

We believe jewelry is more than a fashion statement - it represents who we are. It represents all of the big and little moments in between. It represents your story.

 Whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, or any holiday, Alily Jewelry has pieces to make sure your heart warming moment is nothing less than special.

You and your loved ones all have a special story and bond. One filled with moments that are truly unforgettable. When your mother, granddaughter, daughter, or even your closest friend receives an incredible jewelry piece from us, they will cherish it forever.

We craft jewelry that represents these moments and  expresses what is truly important - your heart.  You can be rest assured that each timeless piece is made with the utmost precision and quality.  

Alily Jewelry has shipped over 1,000,000 pieces worldwide in 30+ countries and has proudly helped many women create that special moment with their loved ones. 

We are Alily Jewelry.

Jewelry for mothers by mothers.

Thank you for being apart of our story.